Pesto Shrimp

You will notice two things from my recent posts.... i seem to be looking at healthy food, and basil.  Both are on my mind.  I'm thinking healthy and we have a ton of basil as the season is closing out.  I saw this recipe for Pesto Shrimp on Skinnytaste.com ages ago this summer, and I've wanted it ever since.  I am a lover of the pesto, and lately seem to be more pro-shrimp.  We have been grilling shrimp this summer, but mostly with a chili sauce that includes David's new favorite thing, Sriracha Rooster Sauce.  We were finally around and had time to defrost and marinade the shrimpies, so we decided it was finally time to give this a try.

Approx 15 shrimpies, peeled and devined, defrosted
1 cup fresh basil packed
a squirt of lemon juice
4 -5 garlic cloves smached and chopped
3 tbl of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup or so of parmesan

Started off with the pesto -- combining the basil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and parmesan in the food processor.  I pulsed it until it was well mixed and even the garlic was pureed.  Added a couple of streams of olive oil and called it good.  I removed the pesto from the food processor and put it in a little bowl.

I marinated the shrimp in about a third of the pesto for a couple of hours prior to skewering them and grilling them.  I froze the rest of the pesto for later -- and will be doing the same with the rest of the basil in the garden :)

Verdict -- yummy.  David had some shrimp with his free lobster, i just did the shrimp.  Rumor has it the shrimp was better than the lobster.  Very easy and I foresee this becoming a regular, particular if we can get a good supply of pesto stocked up.

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