Dining out

Suds and spuds chips with triple dipping sauces (tomato relish, cheddar sour cream, spicy bacon ranch) and steak salad from the James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy. The beer list was great and the food was good. The atmosphere was really cool- loved the exposed brick and arches. They played the oldies soundtrack of my childhood all night upstairs. Definitely worth a return. 

Balsamic chicken from Penn Brewery. I love some good fresh mozzarella and this hit the spot after a long dat on the trails. Always a favorite spot for us. 

Sorta Caprese Chicken

Last week's impulse grocery buy was a ball of smoked mozzarella. It reminded me of the smoked string cheese I buy at the Mars Cheese Castle when I visit my parents, and tip it tastes just as good!  After I opened the package you could smell the smokiness wafting towards you. 

So this isn't a fancy meal or even real recipe. I took a checked breast and cut it into two servings and just pan fried them with a little oil from my misto and salt and pepper to taste.  Meanwhile, I wilted a bunch of spinach for me and sliced some summer garden tomatoes.  Then I just took the spinach and made a little mound on a backing sheet and covered with my sliced tomatoes. My chicken went over this  whole David's went straight onto the baking sheet. Covered with a couple of slices of mozzarella and broiled! We served this with son ricotta stuffed gnocchi from a local place. 

David was so impressed with my fancy food porn he almost posted it on the book!  I think he even liked the simple and tasty food. 


Grilled salmon with fresh rosemary and garlic

So this was an easy salmon find from skinnytaste.com that we made the other day. 

I took a sprig of rosemary from the garden and a couple of cloves of garlic from the farmers market and chopped them up.  I rinsed off a nice sized salmon portion and patted it dry. Salmon was sales and peppered to taste, followed by topping with the fresh herbs. I drizzled with the juice of half a lemon and David grilled to perfection. 

I enjoyed my portion with some steamed fresh great and yellow beans from the farmers market. Yum! Summer eating at its best. 

Grilled pizza - sausage and pepper

Not the most exciting of recipes, but its been a while since I posted. 

We did the grilled pizza thing for gratuitous food Sunday. Mine was delicious - slices of grilled chicken sausage with chopped up farmers market peppers and slices of tomatoes from our garden topped off with a little pizza blend and some ricotta. It was a nice departure from my normal pizza   marguerite (although I've for some delicious smoked mozzarella that I'm looking forward to using later this week).  We enjoyed with some of Pennsylvania's finest table wine :)

I love pizza and I love summer eating.