Smokey Weeknight Chili

Last year I got a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens at the Home Show.  I didn't make it to the Home Show this year, so I guess I can say goodbye to BHG.  I like it, but not enough to pay for it.  I find that most of what I got out of the magazine was recipes or garden tips.  Occaisionally I saw things for the home, but never wanted them for the house enough to go find them.  However, I did find some tasty recipes, including the basis for this vegetarian chili. 

David would argue that this is not chili in the eyes of the International Chili Cookoff world since it had no meat. I would argue that his opinion doesn't count since he is a meat-and-starch-a-tarian. We agree to disagree and we both ate this chili and enjoyed it (although he may have beefed his half up with meat :) )

1/2 Cup dried garbanzo beans 
1/2 Cup dried chick peas
1 small can tomato sauce
1 tbl cocoa powder
3 tsp brown sugar 
1 tbl chili powder
1 can diced tomatoes 
1 green pepper, chopped
1 tbl oil

Soak the beans overnight and cook thoroughly, ahead of time.

The Monday we ate this I started out by chopping up a green pepper and cooking it for few minutes in oil to soften it. Next, I combined the all of the remaining all remaining ingredients except for the tomatoes. At this point we split the mix in half. David added ground beef to his half and I stayed meatless by adding the peppers and tomatoes to mine. Simmer until cooked and serve with cheddar cheese and chunks of avacado. 

I thought this was an incredibly filling meal. BHG claimed it was was smokey and easy, I would have to agree. I really liked this and it would be worth repeating for a quickly healthy meatless meal. For now in looking forward to the last serving sitting in my freezer for lunch one day. We can repeat our definition of chili quabble again now that we've actually eaten this version. 

Ps now you know my secret methods for incorporating produce into my culinary world while making food Mr. Meat finds acceptable. 

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