Chicken Pockets

Some history....  I used to go to Washington DC every year for a conference in January.  A couple of years ago I had a club sandwich at the restaurant/coffee shop up the street from our hotel, except it was a club sandwich made using puff pastry.  Absolutely Amazing. We talk about it to this day, 2 years later.  Kate was there for that amazing meal, so she fell in love with the concept -- she started making puff pastry roast beef sandwiches.  It was fabulous.  I saw a recipe for cooking a chicken breast in puff pastry, which reminded me of "the sandwich".  I had to modify it and try my hand at "the sandwich"

Shredded cooked chicken (~ 1.5 chicken breasts)
1 sheet puff pastry dough, defrosted
Vermont white cheddar, shredded or in chunks
1 apple, chopped
Ranch sauce for dipping

We started out with David cooking several slices of bacon.  Once cooked I chopped it up into pieces.

Meanwhile, I took the puff pasty dough and cut it into four square pieces and rolled each one out to make a larger square.  One one half of each pastry square I mixed together chicken, bacon, cheese chunks, and apples (for mine). I wrapped the other end of the pastry over to form a turnover pocket and brushed the top with a little Oil.  I cooked the pockets for about 20 min at 350 until the middle was warm and the pastry was cooked and golden brown.

I served with Ranch sauce for dipping for David.

In terms of thoughts... it was good, seemed to pass everyone's tests.   I would think about using a semisoft cheese that was better for melting, or just more of the cheddar next time. 

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