Baked Potato Soup

A little something for the fall - and a little something for the healthy side. I based this on the baked potato soup from skinnytaste.com. The idea being to extend the soup with cauliflower, making it a little less starchy carb and a little more good vegetable carb. I enjoyed it and really couldn't taste the cauliflower. David felt otherwise. 

4-5 small Idaho potatoes (600 g)
1 small head cauliflower
1/2-1 cup milk
Beef stock base
2 green onion 
Salt and pepper to taste 

I started out chopping up the cauliflower and steaming it. I also chopped and boiled the potatoes. Once the produce was done, I took the cauliflower,  3/4 of the potatoes, the green inion, and added the milk and a little water and blended with the immersion blender until everything was nice and smooth. I threw in the remaining chunks of the potatoes, a little stock base, and water to get the consistency I wanted. Heat a little longer and enjoy! We served it with a little cheese and green onion. A little Bacon would have finished it off perfectly. 

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