Blue Cheese and Gingered Pear Quesadillas

Last year I mysteriously started getting Family Circle Magazine. I'm assuming its some sort of marketing ploy to get me to love the magazine and start buying it myself, or someone gifted me and forgot to tell me. This months issue had an interesting recipe at the back. I'm not sure why it jumped out at me, because its way fancy for a 'burgh girl like me and Mr Meat 'n Potatoes. 

We braved it and I deemed it a nice easy success. Meat had his without the pear, which meant more for me :). To make for it I gave him a little extra blue cheese and prosciutto - a fair trade in everyone's eyes. I enjoyed mine on high fiber la tortilla factory tortillas, so it really was just enough. I felt it was light, tasty, and just enough without feeling grossly full (needed after stuffing my face at St Nicks Greek food festival Friday and my friend Jen's birthday Sunday). David wondered who would think to put anything other than beef or chicken with Mexican cheese on a quesadilla, but never says no if it involves prosciutto. I think it's likely we will add this to our rotation.  It's basically a fancy grilled cheese in quesadilla form. Next time I might just place the prosciutto on the tortilla as a whole slice and finely slice the pear instead of dicing and then cover with a blue cheese/lime/ginger mix. 

This may have been my first foray into fresh ginger. Nor sure why I avoided it previously? 

1 pear, diced
1/2 tbl fresh ginger, minced
Juice of a lime
4-5 tbl blue cheese, crumbled
4 slices prosciutto, cut into pieces
4 large tortillas 

Combine blue cheese, finer, lime juice, and pear. Mix well. 

Put a tortilla on the quesadilla maker or hot pan (may need a spritz of oil). Cover with half of prosciutto and half of the fruit and cheese mixture. Place another tortilla on top and grill. Repeat and enjoy :)

Both the most beautiful picture, but tasty none the less. 

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