Sorta Caprese Chicken

Last week's impulse grocery buy was a ball of smoked mozzarella. It reminded me of the smoked string cheese I buy at the Mars Cheese Castle when I visit my parents, and tip it tastes just as good!  After I opened the package you could smell the smokiness wafting towards you. 

So this isn't a fancy meal or even real recipe. I took a checked breast and cut it into two servings and just pan fried them with a little oil from my misto and salt and pepper to taste.  Meanwhile, I wilted a bunch of spinach for me and sliced some summer garden tomatoes.  Then I just took the spinach and made a little mound on a backing sheet and covered with my sliced tomatoes. My chicken went over this  whole David's went straight onto the baking sheet. Covered with a couple of slices of mozzarella and broiled! We served this with son ricotta stuffed gnocchi from a local place. 

David was so impressed with my fancy food porn he almost posted it on the book!  I think he even liked the simple and tasty food. 

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