The Challenge

I was presented with a challenge for 2010: Cook 100 new, predominantly healthy recipes over the course of the year. The challenge is right up my alley!

The challenge works out to approximately 2 items per week. I only see two potential issues: 1. when cooking for one, a recipe might actually feed me all week, and 2. too much travel could get in the way. I'll be sharing my recipes along this journey here rather than taking up so much space on Sunshine and Sarah. Once I hit my 100 recipes I'll keep on blogging away my 'Cooking with Sarah' exploits here.

Recipes you'll find here might come from my giant and underused collection of cookbooks, my favorite food bloggers, or I might just make something up. Feel free to send me recipes you think I would enjoy.

There are several of us participating in this challenge via blog or facebook. Feel free to join us, or at least comment away! Encouragement is always appreciated.

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