Irish Eggrolls

A few weeks ago we went to the Irish Pub, Claddah, with the Illini Club to watch the basketball game.  One of the guys in the club introduced us to Corned Beef and Cabbage Eggrolls.  They were beyond absolutely amazing.  I decided I had to re-create these, so this is my take. 

1/4 lb deli corned beef, cut thick.
1/2 cabbage, chopped
4 slices swiss cheese, chopped
Salt and pepper.
Eggroll wrappers

I chopped up the corned beef into chunks.  I heated them up in my nonstick pan with a little bit of oil.  I added the chopped cabbage an salt and pepper to my taste.  I cooked up this mixture until the cabbage was softened.  At that point I mixed in the cheese.  I took a spoonful or two of the corned beef an cabbage mixture an placed it in the middle of the eggroll wrapper an wrapped up the eggroll, placing it seam side down on a greased cookie sheet.  I  repeated this until running out of corned beef an cabbage.  I sprayed the tops with oil and baked until crispy on the outside.

Amazing!  It was definitely good stuff!!!  You could extend this with more cabbage (I probably would next time... it was actually a little heavy on the corned beef).  You could also use it as a delivery method for leftover corned beef with St. Patty's coming up soon.  These were a total win!!!!  I would eat them with a coarse ground mustard or a thousand island dressing dipping sauce.  Definitely enjoy the concept of doing non-traditional eggrolls!

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